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Переродился (подробности в посте)


"You will tell, that Терминатор only the robot which has arrived from будушего under the order. But you ошибётесь. There is an opinion, and not only mine, that Терминатор - there is an embodiment of all what we wanted and waited, but боялить to accept as a reality. And so, first, Терминатор - not the robot, it(he) киборг - half the person. It(he) will destroy or will protect at any cost, it(he) does not know neither fear, nor a pain, pity and nobody can stop it(him). There is no the person capable of those, on what it(he) is capable. And it only because at the person is fine last (childhood) and the future for the sake of which it(he) lives and struggles. At Терминатора there is no future, at him(it) anything is not present, except for steel muscles and the damned destiny which have made in his(its) that who it(he) is: Терминатор is измеённый a kind of the person, capable is closed to think, but having an opportunity to development. In " nuclear war " they were created by machines for introduction in human communities and destructions of them, by studying a human body (recollect "Аниматрицу"). In a basis of a microcomputer in a head киборга lays human интелект. Thus Терминатор is not the high-grade robot, it(he) on what that a part, start up small, the person. And in it all his(its) problem."

If you want, translated on English, language the full version of this clause, collect voices of colleagues and I shall make it.
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